The Beginnings of Home Automation


With home automation, it means automating the appliances, the entertainment and even the security systems at home. This oftentimes involves the use of complex equipment and requires complicated installations. It may not be that clear to you. So let's start to look into when all these started. You have to be familiar with the many inventions and innovations that make it possible for your home to have a smart system for automating all your activities.


When you are looking for perfect home automation for your house then check full ring wireless doorbell review. This started in as early as the discovery of fire by the cave man. In the most recent years, this started when electricity started, giving its services to millions of homes around the world. In fact, it is known to be the mother of home automation. How can you enjoy HDTV and even the net without electricity? Because of electricity there is no longer need for candles. Foods and other perishables are kept safe and fresh through the refrigerator. The Franklin stove has become a necessity in every home and it replaced the cumbersome fireplace. Then also came the dishwasher which helped make things easier in the kitchen. Then came the vacuum cleaner which also helped in cleaning the house. Home automation is not merely about convenience; it is also about cutting costs especially in home maintenance.


It was also electricity that brought about the use of the telephone. The telephone was introduced in the homes in the 1800s. That means that everybody in the family is always connected. The communication is always constant and there is no delay in transmission. Another milestone in the access of information is the invention of the radio in 1891. The radio came about as a source of news and entertainment for many households. Then came the phonograph which made it possible for anyone in the family to listen to the music they like anytime they want to. In all these things, it was convenience that made it possible for people to spend their money on radio and other equipment. You should also go to if you are eager to learn more facts about the subject.


Aside from electricity, the thermostat also was a welcome invention in the 1900s. It was only in the 1902 when the homeowners started to have control over the temperature at home. Control on the temperature used to be just a luxury, but now it has become a necessity. These were just the beginnings of home automation in the 1900s. Do also make sure to read about best wireless video doorbell.